Hyde-Tech Leather is 5 times more durable than traditional leather. Its face consists of 70% leather, 15% cotton and 15% polyurethane paints and its backing is made from 90% leather fibers and 10% glue (percentages may vary slightly per production). This composition produces a material that out performs traditional leather, faux leather and fabrics. It is also much more durable, is resistant to tearing, has greater elasticity, illustrates excellent flame retardancy, is easy to clean and has no natural defects, which allows Hyde-Tech Leather to maintain consistency in both color and grain.


A typical tannery produces 2.9 tonnes of waste per 1 tonne of leather, 30% of which is made up of leather shavings and trimmings. We purchase these off-cuts and mill them so finely they form the core of other stronger and more durable materials. The entire production process is 100% carbon neutral. We use high-pressure water jets to force the recycled leather fibers through an integral textile reinforcement core. It’s a process that has major environmental advantages over traditional leather and conventional bonded leather. We use no harsh chemicals and have a continuous closed-looped system recycling 95% of used water.


Hyde-Tech Leather reduces both ownership and operating costs. It has a 90% cutting yield and is supplied on rolls 1.4m (55”) wide. It is 40 – 50% lighter than traditional leather, reducing customer logistics expenses and fuel costs within the transportation industry. Hyde-Tech Leather typically has between 4 – 5 times the serviceable life of traditional leather, looking and feeling better for longer.


Hyde-Tech Leather is built to last. In the unlikely event that it doesn’t, we offer a very generous 4 year warranty, covering: cracking and peeling; excessive stretching; rips or tears; stains from human and pet saliva, urine, stomach fluid, blood and household food and beverages.



When designing and manufacturing furniture, there are certain key elements that are critical; factors such as design, functionality and choice of materials. We offer value that is unparalleled, in terms of quality, comfort, durability and cost. Hyde-Tech Leather provides solutions for household, government, healthcare, university, educational and hospitality furniture.


Revenue per passenger, reducing operating costs and maximizing the resultant margin are ever present objectives in the aviation industry. We offer seat suppliers and seat cover manufacturers with the solution to address these airline objectives whilst increasing seat density and overall passenger comfort. Due to our light weight material, we can reduce an airlines carbon dioxide emissions and slash $25,000 a year off the fuel bill for a typical Airbus A320.


Hyde-Tech Leather is created to perform to specific requirements. Designed and manufactured without compromise, Hyde-Tech Leather prides itself in creating great looking and easy to maintain automotive interiors for both buses and cars. Our goal is to work in collaboration with you as a partner to find optimal solutions that enhance the value of your automobiles. Our state of the art color matching and cladding abilities allow us to meet the needs and exceed the expectations of any automobile interior design project we are faced with.


We understand that today’s transport companies are after easy to maintain seating material that is robust enough to stand up to the daily rigors of transporting thousands of passengers whilst being attractive and affordable. Traditional leather and moquette which are known to mark, stain and look worn very quickly are no longer viable options. Hyde-Tech Leather offers trains and trams production cost savings and reduced operating costs whilst maintaining a consistent look and feel with a highly durable and easy to clean material.


Boats, yachts, ferries and cruise ships can all benefit from Hyde-Tech Leather’s cost saving attributes. Aside from the evident savings in fuel bills and reduction in carbon emissions Hyde-Tech Leather can provide a beautiful end product in any color and a wide variety of grains to suit the diverse marine environment.



Hyde-Tech Leather can be color matched to suit any customer requirements and is available in a wide range of surface grains. It weighs below 500 grams per square meter and is offered in 1.4m wide (55 inches) rolls of normally at least 30m (100 feet) long, for ease of handling. Company logos can be easily embossed and cut and sew suppliers can experience increased yields, reduced waste and a shorter production time, as the material is consistent allowing multilayer cutting.


Hyde-Tech Leathers flexibility allows for optimal cladding solutions for covering seat furniture, seat surrounds, vertical panels, and forms of monument construction. We are confident that we can provide a solution that meets the demands of any designer and fulfills the requirements of the certification process.


We provide dependable solutions for all your shipping needs.



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